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Hello, we’re SKIP St. George’s! Or SKIP George’s/ SKIP SGUL, for short.

Situated in south-west London, St. George’s, University of London specialises in the fields of healthcare, science and medicine.

Our branch was established in 2009 and over the period of six years, we successfully completed four summer projects to Kenya. Working with the non-governmental organisation Imane Agape Voice of Hope, interventions targeted towards children in the Kiisi region were created and positively received. Topics included: sanitation and diarrhoea, tuberculosis, malaria and the well-known Project Mwesi.

In 2016, we decided to turn to a new country to embark on a new wave of projects. Morocco! In the winter of 2016, we sent out a collaborating organisation scouting wave and eventually we decided to work with Corps Maroc. Over the summer of 2017, we went on a research wave where we worked in tandem with Corps Maroc to scout out potential project sites. At the end of this research wave, we came back to England to plan our project for the year ahead. After much deliberation, we decided that the Atlas Mountains in Morocco would be our next project site. Here, our plan was to implement potential interventions focused in improving the hygiene and health education of the locals.

Unfortunately, due to health and safety concerns, SKIP George’s was prompted to re-evaluate our choice of project country. So flash-forward to 2018, we chose India as our new project country!

Volunteers this year have the unique opportunity to be part of a SKIP project from its infancy and, ideally, see it to completion. 2018-2019 promises to be a year of revitalising SKIP George’s: from increasing our visibility on campus through fundraisers and going on project to meet with potential collaborating organisations. And of course, joining committee to see the result of your hard work is always an option.

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