SKIP St George’s University London


The committee is working towards sending a research trip to visit potential Collaborating Organisations in the summer of 2020.

Having selected India as our Project Country in 2018, SKIP SGUL is currently in the process of selecting a Non-Governmental Organisation with whom we can form a working relationship.

Becoming a SKIP SGUL Project Volunteer

SKIP SGUL endeavours to attend all events in the Freshers’ Week for community project societies such as the Freshers’ Fayres and Community Project Evening.

Following these events, we have a Meet and Greet and Information Evenings.

Our Information Evenings are great for finding out more about our specific plans for the year. They are also a good opportunity to ensure your name is on our mailing list.

Submit an application

We will announce the dates of our application deadline at an Information Evening and ensure that the forms are sent later that day. If you are unable to make an event, not to worry. All information will simultaneously be posted to our social media platforms as well. 

Shortlisted application?

Almost there… If your application has been shortlisted, you would be invited to interview. They are not as scary as university interviews, promise! Our sole aim is to learn more about you and try our best to ascertain how easily you would assimilate into a group.

You will receive an email from us following your interview.


All SKIP members (committee and volunteers alike) have to undergo training. Volunteers have to cover Project-specific modules as well as complete the Five Steps to Summer. There is also Spring Big Weekend, an optional event for volunteers but one that is highly recommended. Not only is there additional training, but the networking is a wonderful opportunity and brilliant way of realising just how big the SKIP family is.