SKIP Patrons

SKIP patrons have been involved with SKIP since it was first formed as a charity.

Through their work, they help spread the word about SKIP within in their own professional circles. They often attend SKIP events as key speakers to inspire current SKIP members. Alongside this, they support the trustees in their work and consider ways of encouraging development as a charity.



Professor the Baroness Ilora Finlay of Llandaff

When Vice Dean of the University of Wales College of Medicine (1999-2005), she became involved in supporting student volunteers and went with students to work in an orphanage in Belarus.

With some of the students she worked with, she became a founder of SKIP. The name has a dual meaning – Students for Kids International Project – and because happy children skip and unhappy children don’t.



Dr Claire Marie Thomas

Claire was one of the students who founded SKIP in 2003 and went on to work as a Trustee until late 2014. She is now continuing her work with SKIP as a Patron.



Dr Stacey Mearns

Stacey joined SKIP in 2003 as a volunteer in Zambia, following this she was Project Coordinator for SKIP Birmingham, and went on to co-found SKIP National.



Dr Rahail Ahmad