Dr Stacey Mearns

Involvement with SKIP

Stacey joined SKIP in 2003 as a volunteer in Zambia, following this she was Project Coordinator for SKIP Birmingham, and went on to co-found SKIP National. She worked in a variety of roles as National Coordinator and Trustee until 2011.

Outside of SKIP

Following medical school training, Stacey went onto work as a medical doctor in the UK for 6 years, obtaining a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, a Master’s in Public Health, and membership to the Royal College of Physicians. Stacey spent 2 years working on the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone from 2014 – 2016. After this, she took up a full-time role in Humanitarian Health. Stacey currently works as a Senior Health Coordinator for the International Rescue Committee’s Emergency Response Team. In this role she has responded to emergencies in South Sudan, the Mediterranean, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of Congo.