SKIP Barts


Our project is based in India and from 2017 it was based in Nagpur. We are currently searching for a new Collaborating Organisation in Mumbai.

We are currently focusing on research - finding a new collaborating organisation to work with and then conducting a needs assessment of the local community in order to help design suitable interventions. However, in previous projects our interventions involved teaching sexual health for adolescent girls, boys and mothers and hygiene for primary school children.

Our sexual health intervention involved educating young people about sexual health, stigmas and myths associated through the use of posters and anonymous Q&A sessions.

Our hygiene intervention involved teaching the seven steps to hand washing using music and dance and a fun paint activity.

These interventions greatly benefited the children and their families. Teaching the teachers enabled them to continue to teach when SKIP was not in India, ensuring sustainability.

Volunteers often choose to visit the Taj Mahal and travel further around India after project.

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For more information on how you can get involved as a committee member or a project volunteer, please email, or send us a message on our Facebook page, SKIP Barts.