Trustee - Research & Development and Health & Safety Lead

Dr Martin Gribbin

Job: Medical Doctor (with an interest in infectious diseases)

SKIP History: I joined SKIP in 2012 as part of the SKIP HYMS' R&D team. Later that year I went on to become the R&D Coordinator, and took on Project Coordinator in my penultimate year of university. For my medical school elective project I undertook a survey on Personal and Professional Development for SKIP, and during my final year I joined National Committee as National R&D Coordinator. I joined the Trustees in 2016 and undertook the role of Trustee responsible for R&D.

Role responsibilities: I have a strategic overview of all R&D activities within the charity, and continuously aim to improve SKIP's R&D and Monitoring and Evaluation direction, via the Tools, training, and both direct and indirect support of branches. I liaise with the National R&D Coordinator to help achieve this, and work with mentors and branch buddies where questions arise. Additionally, I am responsible for Health and Safety, and I am the official Secretary of the charity, as per the Charities Commission.

SKIP Highlights: SKIP has been a huge part of my life for many years. Whilst I love attending SKIP events and getting to meet all the new members, my particular highlight was seeing the fantastic feedback SKIP received in terms of the impact the charity has had on our alumni's personal and professional development, with the vast majority suggesting that we have made a positive impact on their skill sets, directions and careers. 


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