National Research & Development Coordinator

Ali Bruce & Blair Anderson

Favourite thing about SKIP… Ali: That everyone is studying something different. I’ve found that having the full spectrum of subjects, interests and skills makes our projects infinitely more rounded, and the amount you can learn from others in the process is so valuable for personal development. Blair: All of the amazing opportunities for personal development. I would not have the job I have now, or loads of invaluable life experiences, if it wasn't for SKIP and the opportunity to throw yourself in to running a fab organisation.

SKIP history… Originally from SKIP Glasgow, we were project team leaders when volunteering in 2016/17; we stuck together for two years as Project Coordinators for SKIP Glasgow from 2017 to 2019.

Ask me about… Ali: Why Geography is central to everything, the importance of small charities, various cooking and plant care tips. Blair: Scottish land reform and property law, the Scottish Green Party, anything Scottish really.

Outside of SKIP… Blair: I've got another three years left as a student at the University of Glasgow, studying Scots law. I'm also a coordinator of the University's Environmental Sustainability Team alongside my studies. Ali: I’ve just graduated, and now I’m applying for further roles in the charity sector.


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