National Events Coordinator

Jane Ferma

SKIP History: My SKIP journey started with the St George's branch committee in 2012 as a Publicity Officer. I then volunteered in Kenya in 2013. After my experience in Kenya, I became fully immersed in SKIP and became Project Coordinator in 2013/14. After this experience, I joined the SKIP National Committee as Global Health Lead in 2015/16 and National Coordinator in 2016/17. I took a year-long break and I am happy to be back!

This year, I’m most excited about: Ensuring our national events are spectacular! I am also excited about working in a fantastic team, being part of the SKIP family and supporting my buddy branch!

Outside of SKIP: I live in London and I recently completed my masters in Epidemiology at LSHTM. I am currently working in Data Science/Healthcare Consulting. I love brunches, learning new languages and travelling!


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