My Global Health Experience: Jane Ferma

I studied biomedical science with the hope of pursuing medicine. But then SKIP opened a new door for me called global health.

My dreams started to change without realisation - I studied global health modules in my final year of biomedical science, yet, I still wanted to pursue medicine and somehow combine this with global health.

Once I graduated, I worked a variety of jobs and focused my pursuits in medicine, I also applied for a masters in global health as a ‘back up’ option.

In parallel, I was working as the National Global Health Lead for SKIP where my passion for global health increasingly expanded!

When I started my MSc in Global Health and Development at UCL, the game changed. I recognised my heart was for global health and my head was for medicine.


Global health became the forefront of my career and my aim was to understand how all global health agents work together.

Now I am an Epidemiologist working at a healthcare consultancy firm. I have had exposure in many aspects of global health; government, academia, charities and the private sector.

SKIP opened my heart to global health and we will see what is next in store for this exciting journey!