Dr Emma Laurie: Spring Big Weekend 2019 Keynote Speaker

Photo Credit: Dr Emma Laurie

Photo Credit: Dr Emma Laurie


A big thank you to Dr Emma Laurie, lecturer at the University of Glasgow, for delivering the keynote speech at SKIP’s Spring Big Weekend 2019 in Glasgow.

With the biannual Big Weekends being the largest SKIP events of the year, with over 50 SKIP members attending each conference, SKIP takes the opportunity to invite a speaker to introduce the attendees’ to current Global Health topics. This supports SKIP members to develop a broader outlook in designing and running SKIP projects and interventions.

Dr Laurie gave a motivating and inspiring presentation on her doctoral research, on the topic of the embodied politics of health which she conducted in Tanzania.

Using a qualitative research approach, Dr Laurie drew on the experiences of women in a ward of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and their experiences when a family member had malaria.

Her results revealed how a use of ‘cost-effective’ rhetoric in systemic decisions contributed to the naturalisation of suffering and loss of life in preventable illness.

The research was interesting and engaging for SKIP members due to its parallels to the work that the charity conducts. It also demonstrated the power of qualitative research, which SKIP members commonly use to needs assess in a community and to monitor and evaluate interventions.

Thank you again to Dr Laurie for her voluntary time in supporting the personal professional development of SKIP members and developing the knowledge and outlook of the national charity.

To find out more about Dr Emma Laurie and her research, click here and follow her on twitter at @TheWeeBarra